Hardscape Services

We offer a variety of hardscape services for residential and commercial properties.  Now more than ever people want to enhance their outdoor living space and bring the kitchen outside.  We have the experience and dedication to help our clients design & install the living space outside that you desire.  Exterior Designs specializes in residential patios, walks, walls, stairs, and outdoor kitchen installations.  We have the resources to take care of any size project from start to finish.



Natural Stonework, Veneer, and Aggregate Driveways, Rock Gardens
Our experience with natural stone allows us to provide a wide range of design features.  Stone can be incorporated with plantings for a traditional garden setting.  Stonework and rock gardens can also be added to a site to create a focal point of interest.  Exterior Designs offers a large selection of fieldstones, building stones, and veneer products.  With the use of natural stone, we can add that beautiful, special touch to a particular project to enhance the natural beauty that stonework provides.

Freestanding Walls & Retaining Walls
Exterior Designs has extensive experience with fabricated interlocking concrete block that allows us to become very competitive in the design and construction of freestanding retaining walls.  With today's concrete technology we can make "retaining walls" to a whole new dimension.  Retaining walls are used to hold back sections of a lawn, keeping the water in the lake or simply adding an extension or touch of beauty to your house.  Retaining walls are a landscaper's dream.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Walks, Patios, & Driveways
Exterior Designs' experienced and certified staff allows us to offer a wide range of concrete paver installations from start to finish.  We take great measures to discuss the complete project with our customers so they are assured that the project of their choice will be a well-valued investment.  Interlocking concrete pavers can be used in a variety of applications, such as driveways, patios, walks, steps, and parking lots.  This installation adds both beauty and value to your home.

Let our Exterior Designs staff show you how our landscape services can add a beautiful touch to your property that adds value as well!


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